Summer outdoor leagues are beginning the Tuesday night league is underway and the Wednesday night is starting June 8th. Open shooting available during this time period anyone can shoot. Food available on Wednesday evenings. Come out and enjoy.


Chief Mudjaw

 On April 23rd Mudjaw Bowmen held its Game Awards Banquet to award successful hunters. The banquet was a pot luck dinner open to all club members, families and friends. Awards were given for the winter leagues at this time.  Also during the evening John was presented with a plaque dedicating the club hall in his name for his dedication to Mudjaw Bowmen. John has been a member and leader for over 54 years. 

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                                          RSCN9642MUDJAW BOWMEN SIGN UPDATE “GREAT AGAIN”


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Activities going on at this time:

July 6th at 7:30 pm will be the next General Membership Meeting at the club. Information of Club happenings are available at these meetings, the floor is always open for questions. Thanks to those who attended the June meeting best turnout the Club has had for awhile, always good to see members get together.


 Interested in a Membership? The General Meeting is the place to come.

Monday evenings at 7 pm the club has been set up as an open night of shooting for young individuals learning to shoot. Parents are also spending time helping their kids and shooting with them, making this a family evening. Hope to see more FAMILIES shooting together. New shooters showing up each week, come out and enjoy a couple of hours on a Monday evening. Doors open to beginner shooters, “youth and adult”, as well as practice for more experienced shooters. If you have never tried archery, shooting equipment is available at no cost. This is a sportsman’s club and not a business. Archery is a sport for an individual or a family. “Archers working with Archers” there is not a lesson fee to learn a sport, there is a nominal shooting fee to help offset the cost of electricity and heat while shooting indoors. 

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                                                BOWHUNTER EDUCATION CLASS 

This event was held in the clubhouse on Saturday May 7th . Turn out was good, We now have a few more safe archers going to be in the fields. Thanks to all that came and the instructors for their time.    

following the trail

following the trail

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Mudjaw Bowmen has a rewards account with Gordon Food Service. If you shop at Gordon’s and don’t use the rewards points, they can be added to Mudjaw Bowmen’s program. Just tell them at checkout. The more points we gather, the greater our cost savings can be for the Wild Game Dinner and other activities.


We had 30 ton of stone added to the parking lot and drive but we could use additional stone. Stone can be obtained from a quarry close to the club at half the cost we paid for the delivery of what we have gotten. The stone is sold with a minimum load of one ton, if anyone would have access to a truck that could haul this please let us know.

An additional 40 ton of stone was put into parking area and drive on Feb 8, 2016. This is an ongoing project as stone can be obtained and weather is good.

Need to make paper targets for everyday shooting and for open shoots. Would you be able to help? Also we have an overhead projector to broadcast pictures to wall to make targets, we are looking for pictures that could be used for a good target, if you come across a picture that could be used please bring it to the club.


Aluminum cans have generated cash to obtain gasoline to maintain the club grounds during the summer. Please continue to drop off uncrushed cans at the club to help keep the club grounds groomed.

Also the tabs are being collected separately for school projects.

The club is looking for old concrete to shore up the creek banks around the bridges. Over the years the creeks is getting wider and the bridges are getting shorter. If you have access to used concrete pieces please bring them in.