Brief History as told by Howie Lang


 The original members were all friends and acquaintances and lived in Point Place. They were all interested in outdoor sports – hunting, fishing, trapping, and boating. Along about1951 the interest in archery was renewed by Fred Bear and spread through this area. This group of friends talked about forming a club for the purpose of building an archery range for practice. A study was made – and determined that a field archery range should be set up to N.F.A.A. standards. We all agreed that this club should be for recreation and enjoyment. It would be kept small and not become a work and problem group. ALL FUN!

The first range was located on a small park located by the U.S. Coast Guard Base. The next location was on 290th St. (near where Detwiler Golf Course is now located. The third location was on Benore Road – (east of the present site) – then to the Present site.



 A contest was held to design a patch and was won by “yours truly” Howie Lang. Keeping in mind the concept of a casual, fun social group the design was nothing more than a picture with no connection the club name, location, goals, hunting on sportsmanship.




When the club first located on Benore Road – an abandon gambling casino was located on the south side of the road. We envisioned an indoor range and clubhouse. One member, Bud Wilson, knew who to ask for permission to rent, lease, or use the building.

Enter “Chalky Red” Yaronowsky. He was part of the Detroit Group. He allowed Mudjaw Bowmen to use this building, rent free, if we maintained the facility. This was the indoor range for many years until the present building was built.

Along about 19__ the present property was for sale. When we contacted the sellers – we discovered that a group from Detroit was the owner and “Chalky Red” was again contacted and the purchase negotiations were begun. Mudjaw, not having much, if any, money was the recipient of financial assistance, a good loan from the Detroit Group.

After the purchase the range construction was begun – the need for construction equipment (earth movers – bulldozers). Working through “Chalky Red” we were allowed to use this equipment from Jecura Bros. (owners of Raceway Park – horse race track) who were in the earth moving business, and connected with the Detroit Group.

Later another contractor moved two small houses onto the property for our use. Some years later another contractor donated much building materials remaining from the construction of the present Chrysler Machining Plant.

Last of all lets not forget all the members who have used their own trucks, autos, tools, lawnmowers, and time who have made this club a Success.

Help comes in strange ways.

You guys are doing a great job-

Howie Lang    “2011”



The club was named after MUDJAW CREEK located in Point Place. It begins at a point on 131st St. and empties into the Ottawa River near Edgewater School on Edgewater Drive. Presently it is about ½ mile long.

Historically the creek began at a point on Summit St. across from St. Johns Catholic Church – ran Northeast into the Ottawa River. Time and development the creek was filled in – streets constructed and homes built.

The name “MUDJAW” is pronounced phonetically “MOO SHAW”, is a French Indian word meaning: leaving, going away. Opinion has it that the creek would dry up every summer leaving a dry culvert. History has it that there was the Indian Village located in this area.

Howie Lang      “2011”