Mudjaw Bowmen is the oldest known private archery club in the Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan area, being founded in 1953.  THe club is located at 6240 Benore Rd. between Detroit and Stickney Ave.  The Club entrance is set back from the road and is accessed by a stone driveway on Benore Rd. that extends into Erie, Michigan and the Club property.

The Club has 24 acres of land which includes beautiful woods, a stream, 2 archery ranges, a large clubhouse, strage building, and practice area.  There is an outside covered patio area with picnic tables that is used for meetings and other club activities.

The Hunter Range is designed with primarily hunting shots and has 3D animal or hand painted animal paper targets.  The Field Archery Range is designed for target archers and has paper or NFAA official scoring targets.

The clubhouse has a large inside shooting range which accomidates up to 22 lanes at a time with a distance of 20 yards, and 6 designated shooting lines.  There is a special meeting room used for membership and board meeting.  The kitchen is full service with a pantry and the club has its own food license which enables members to prepare and serve food at club functions and to the public during various events.

Mudjaw Bowmen participates in the Greater Monroe & Toledo Area Archery Schedule and hosts several public archery shoots throughout the year.  Their shoot schedule is published and distributed among other area archery/sportsman clubs and various outdoor sports stores. 

During the winter months, indoor leagues are popular with members and noon-members.  On Tuesday night there is an Indoor Spot League which begins at 7:00pm usually on the 1st or 2nd Tuesday of December and extends into April.  This league is very popular with many of the area target archers, some of which are nationally and internationally known championship archers.  This is a competitive league with trophies handed out at the end.

Also, in winter, on Wednesday nights there is an Indoor Hunter League beginning at 7:00pm on the 1st or 2nd Wednesday in January and extends into April.  This league has shooters that use longbows, recurves, and compound bows.  During this league there is a break midway through the evening for dinner, which is prepared by club members for a very reasonable price.  There are 10 teams of 4 that can participate in this league and it is competitive as well as fun with several trophies awarded at the end.

Also, in winter, on Thursday nights there is an Indoor Traditional League beginning at 7:00pm on the first or second Thursday in January and extends into April. For this league only longbows and recurves are used. Each night there is a halfway break at which time a meal is served prepared by league members. This league is for a good time not a highly competitive league. So if you want to shoot traditional and have fun come on out.

Summer Outdoor Leagues usually begin during the 1st week of June.  On Tuesday night, there is a league on the Field Archery Range.  Wednesday night has a league that utilizes the Hunter Range during which there is a summertime meal provided for shooters after they finish for the night at a nominal cost.

As with any league or any of the shoots - all levels of experience are welcome.  One can always improve their skills by asking for and receiving quidance from other experienced club members.  You never know just how much you didn't know and you'll find yourself with many friendships that can last a lifetime.  This is the great thing about Mudjaw Bowmen - the camaraderie that one finds as a member, no matter what archery equipment you use or experience you have using it.

The Annual Game Awards Dinner held in April is one of the ways the Club recognizes those members who have been successful in hunting and during their Winter Leagues.  Pins, bars, and trophies are awarded according to each of their accomplishments.  Stories and numerous tales are told during the evening which make the night memorable and fun.  The meal format is a potlick with many delicious dishes being shared and enjoyed by all.

In recent years, the Archery Team at St. Ursula Academy has enjoyed the use of the facility under the direction of their Phys Ed Instructor while being assisted by a longtime and current Mudjaw Bowmen member.  The girls us the inside range for practice and work to improve their archery skills.  Plans are being made to expand this opportunity to other area high schools.

In addition, the Broncos 4-H Archery Club call Mudjaw Bowmen home, for their practices and instruction with their leaders who are certified Archery Instructors with the 4-H.  The archers meet weekly at the Club or travel to other archery clubs for competitions.  Each on uses his/her own equipment fo that provided by the 4-H Club.  Targets are placed at varying distances which challenges them for accuracy.  We, at Mudjaw Bowmen, are pleased to have such an association wtih the 4-H and are are thrilled to have the sport be brought to the "younger" generation through this valuable program. 

All are welcome to apply for membership by submitting one of the membership applications. One needs to be present for introduction at 2 General Membership meetings before membership is approved.

There is a $50.00 initiation fee that entitles you to a key for the front gate and allows you access to the restrooms inside the front hall of the clubhouse. Dues are $75.00 per year. After 2 years as an active member in good standing you are eligible to apply to be a key holder which allows you into the inside range of the clubhouse. After being welcomed as a new member, you must complete 20 work hours per year.

Mudjaw Bowmen memberships are family memberships which allows each family member to participate in different club activities. Adult members and their children can participate in various leagues, shoots and other activities such as the annual Members Summertime Fish Fry and Potluck. There are several couples as well as families that participate as teams during the various leagues held at the club year-round.

Whether you shoot with a longbow, recurve, or compound bow, whether you are a target archer or a bowhunter, you will find other members at Mudjaw Bowmen who enjoy the same. Join us and find out just how much fun and rewardingit can be as a Mudjaw Bowmen member for you and your family.

Upcoming Events

26 Feb 2018;
06:00PM - 09:00PM
Family Night Open Shoot
27 Feb 2018;
07:00PM -
Indoor Spot League
28 Feb 2018;
06:15PM -
Club Board Meeting
28 Feb 2018;
07:00PM -
Wednesday Indoor Hunter League
01 Mar 2018;
07:00PM -
2018 Indoor Traditional League